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Once a year a very special group of women hold a retreat where women get together for 3 nights and 4 days taking them on a journey of deep healing.

The retreats that I have been part of have attracted women that have experienced rape, physical and emotional abuse where their voices have been shut down or suppressed. The outcome is to help these amazing women to feel more liberated by accessing their womb consciousness, reminding them of who they are as a woman and helping them to reclaim their power in a container that is deeply loving and safe. Women that have experienced other health issues where they have been disconnected from their womb have found these retreats extremely helpful.

My work in this retreat is to take women on a deep Shamanic journey into the heart and womb which usually takes place over 2 nights, each session going for 90 minutes including integration.

We also go through two workshops that include Integrated Pelvic Health training and Traditional Chinese Medicine principles on women’s health


These are run once each season in person and are 2 hour events. I take you through each season to help you understand how your mind, body and spirit is impacted each season. A shamanic sound healing with music and light language will take women on a deep journey to reconnect to their body.

Teen Period & Pelvic Health 101

Dr Tash’s workshop runs for 90 mins, with the focus on menstrual cycle and pelvic health she will cover topics such as diet, emotions, changes in the body, how we’re connected to nature and the season’s and how to use your menstrual cycle as a superpower.

You will learn 2 acupuncture points to massage at home.

How to awaken the bones of the pelvis and activate the superficial layers of the pelvis, helping young girls understand the pelvis is important to support the health of the womb.

Dr Tash will end her part of the program by taking the girls through dancing and drawing their womb area as a inner garden. The girls will receive a womb-heart meditation recording to take home to listen to every month when they get their period.

(For those that are devoted to their own special religious practices, these meditations can be weaved into their own prayer time as well).

This fun and interactive program is designed for young teens between the ages 11 to 16 and can be co-supported by a trusted parent, guardian or family member that would also like to learn about their own womb.

Did you know

The colour and consistency of your menstrual blood is a report card of your health?
When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, you were a tiny egg in your mother’s ovaries