Integrative Pelvic Health, Breathflow & Womb Healing Workshops (Limited to 25 Women)

Integrative Pelvic Health® and Integrative Women’s Breath-flow® workshops are one of the most powerful 2.5hr workshops for all women to attend.

What makes this workshop different?

It is based on 40+ of years of research in the fields of Fascia Research, Osteopathy, Women’s Perineum and Movement Practice, Dream Shamanism and Clinical Practice.

It is a powerful bodywork, called self-Empowered Bodywork. The practices teach you to create a methodical inside-out body awareness, designed to integrate into daily life. This is done by understanding the anatomy of the body and how to move structures of the bones and fascia through a gentle feminine approach.

Grounding us into a new power to communicate with our bodies and then journey into the fascinating layers of our fascia through shamanic inner dream time journey.

Learning to descend to ascend into higher realms.

Next Pelvic Health and Breathflow Workshop

Saturday the 24th of Feb 4.30 - 7:00 PM
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Did you know

Our rib cage is one of the most flexible parts of our bodies. The more flexible the rib cage, the more free our voice is due to its connection to our voice box & neck.
That your pelvis is more than just a weak bladder and that it has hidden structures within it that unlock your full potential.

Extra bonuses in the workshops

Education on the season where in and the organ systems that can go into imbalance from a Chinese Medicine perspective and how we can work with the season to support our emotions and the organs.

Learn an acupuncture point you can massage at home.

Qigong exercise to tonify the organs.

Dancing to open the hips and heart to raise the creative life force of the feminine.

Integrative Pelvic Health® and Integrative Women’s Breath-flow® is for those who yearn to…

Benefits of Integrative Pelvic Health® and Integrative Women’s Breath-flow®

Future Pelvic Health and Breathflow Workshop​

For upcoming workshops, kindly express your interest by registering, and we will notify you of forthcoming dates at a later time.