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IVF and fertility acupuncture, Integrative Pelvic Health, Diet and detox programs, tailored lifestyle and nutritional advice.

IVF and fertility acupuncture, couples’ workshops to increase love frequencies and encourage healing, DNA activation videos, fertility symbols for reproductive health, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, diet and detox programs, tailored lifestyle and nutritional advice.

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Chinese Medicine Doctor / Energetic Fertility Specialist / Menstrual Health Educator

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My name is Dr Tharshini Nirmalarajah (but you can call me Tash). I help children, teenage girls, men and women on their healing journey through Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along the way I also became a facilitator across various modalities, and I am now also an Integrative Pelvic Health Facilitator, an Embody Birth Belly Dance Facilitator (which stems from my love for dancing to Hip-Hop and Afro Beats), and Co-Founder of Young Queen Program which is designed for young girls to educate them through special workshops around their menstrual cycle and helping them understand their entry into womanhood.


Smart digital services that scale with your needs

By providing understanding, nurturing and compassion that you need throughout your health and wellness journey, I have built educational programs and protocols to give you a deeper understanding of your body, your health, and lifestyle requirements which are personally tailored to you.

To become your own master of your health, I will help you through the following ways:



Smart digital services that scale with your needs

In the last 7 years, most of my work has been with women and men needing support with their fertility and IVF journey. Most of my work has also been focused on improving women’s menstrual cycle health.

Other areas of support I have offered has been with infants as young as 12 months, children, teenage girls all the way through to women transitioning through their different stages of their hormonal and menopausal journey in life.

I have found my pelvic health and womb healing retreats and workshops to become quite popular in the last 24 months as there is a sense of community in amongst my patients which has magnified and fast tracked the healing experience and created a beautiful sisterhood for the women that have attended.

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Acupuncture can help relieve period pain, intensity, duration and symptoms by up to 50%
The health of all 12 of your organs can be assessed through 6 different pulses on each wrist

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