The Uterus (Womb)

The Uterus (Womb)

The average uterus size is 7cm long and 5cm wide.
It has the capability to grow and expand 500-1000 times its size to hold a baby or babies.

From a small pear size to a watermelon, it then shrinks back in 6 weeks to return back to its pre-pregnancy weight and size.

It is the place of death and rebirth.

The lining of the uterus grows to support a baby if one should be conceived, and when one is not, the lining is shed, released to create the possibility of a new cycle beginning again.

Our periods are a process of death and rebirth also. Allowing us to purge and release not only our shedding of our lining, but also our emotions, pain, & toxins we were storing in our body. After this process of clearing, we rebirth into a stronger, happier version of ourselves.

If we fall pregnant, It puts into perspective how much this organ can grow within us to sustain life for a baby. The home of nourishment, love and support.

Also, how much pain we can hold here when we miscarry, have stillbirths or cannot fall pregnant.

My heart goes out to all women who have had difficult fertility journeys.

The womb is a special place for deep healing for all women.

We can learn a lot from our wombs by meditating in this area, talking to her, listening to her and allowing her to teach us about the way life is, the balance between life & death, pain & joy, & how we can exist together.

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