The Uterus (Womb)

The Uterus (Womb) The average uterus size is 7cm long and 5cm wide. It has the capability to grow and expand 500-1000 times its size to hold a baby or babies. From a small pear size to a watermelon, it then shrinks back in 6 weeks to return back to its pre-pregnancy weight and size.…

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5 ways you can balance your hormones 

1. Reduce coffee or cut it out. Caffeine causes cortisol levels to rise when in stress, increasing our stress response and impacting our adrenals and deregulates our immune system. This is not good for patients who have thyroid issues. In affects our nervous system and can cause more anxiety and heat in the body. 2.…

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Both IVF and ICSI can be overwhelming and bring about their fair share of stress. More and more IVF specialists are recommending acupuncture to increase the chances of a positive pregnancy and birth. HOW DOES ACUPUNCTURE HELP? There are several ways acupuncture can have a positive impact on your fertility treatment, especially when it comes…

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